Coffee Drinks and Espresso

Other Drinks 

Coffee in house                      .50   decaf  .75

Coffee to go Small              1.00  large 1.30

Iced coffee  here                 .75   to go   1.00

 Add a flavor shot  and creme  make it  2.00

Flavor Lattes, Cappuccinos,Mochas,Meils,

 Maccihatos or Breves

 hot or iced

here or to go                    small  4.00  large 4.49

Flat whites                      small  3.51  large  3.98

Espresso shots                        Buck a piece $1

Frappe - espresso , blended ice, milk or almond milk, syrup flavor of your choice.

small  4.39 large 4.74

** small 2 shots espresso, large 3 shots


Tea Steamer - steamed milk or almond milk with vanilla with one of these tea picks

lemon , strawberry, irish breakfast , earl grey or  *chai . ( or have it iced )

*Dirty Chai add a dollar per espresso shot 

  small 2.99  large 3.79


Fruit juices- Orange , Apple , Grape - 1.69

Instant drinks- Lipton iced tea, Lemonade,

Hot Apple cider

small 1.65 large 1.90

milk small 1.47 large 1.66


Fruit Smoothies - frozen fruit only , no additives, just a little sugar if you want it and milk or almond milk- ok ... maybe some whipped cream ?

mango mix, triple berry, strawberry

 small 4.74  large 5.26

Malts and Shakes- Chocolate , Vanilla ,strawberry and caramel, whipped cream and a cherry

small 4.74 large 5.26

Italian sodas -  flavor syrup and soda water on ice

small- 2.59 large 3.19

add some half and half  and make them french 

small  2.79 large 3.39

Root beer floats ( or flavor  syrup of your choice )

small  3.79 large 4.19

The Russ Special - 2 shots espresso, heaping vanilla ice cream , topped off with milk and a syrup flavor of your choice. 

small 4.74 large  5.26

Can soda- mt.dew, coke, diet coke, A&W and diet and sprite 1.64

Bottled soda - Buddy's orange and strawberry




** all of our drinks can be substituted with Almond milk 

**Syrup flavors for espresso drinks and Italian sodas

top sellers-

lime, kiwi, coconut, caramel, salted caramel, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, orange,vanilla,

french vanilla,blackberry, apple, English toffee,

Swiss chocolate,maple spice , peppermint, Irish cream and white and regular chocolate sauces.