About Us

The 420 Internet Cafe was established in 2005 as Cafe 420.  In 2008, Cafe 420 was aquired by Cafe 420 Ministries, Inc; at that point our name changed to '420 Internet Cafe'


What is the significance of '420'?


First of all, our address is 420 Washington Street; more importantly our cafe and ministry are based on Acts 4:20  "For we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard" NASB


420 Internet Cafe is staffed by volunteers.  We have one paid employee.  Our volunteers choose to serve our community (you) through the Cafe.


We have a full menu, and encourage you to visit us for lunch, dinner, or a snack.


All of the proceeds from the 420 Internet Cafe are used to support the Ministry to: "Help People in Need at the Time of Their Need."


Café 420 Ministries, Inc. is a Christian ministry outreach located in downtown Eau Claire. We are available to help those in need at the time of their need. We emphasize building the local Body of Christ through creating a prayer-filled, Christ-centered environment, where people can connect with Christian community. We provide counseling, fellowship, small groups, and faith-building events. Ultimately, we are a healing community where lives are transformed through Christ's love, grace and compassion.